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A Deeply Personal Touch

(This article appeared in Truly Alive in the September/October issue)

by Anita Ricka, P.T.

When the “Stay-at-Home” order was initially decreed, everyone seemed to want to show care, love, and encouragement. In my local NextDoor app (an online neighborhood community that APS wants us to join) posts included pictures of pretty things and writings on the sidewalk. I was inspired to write on my sidewalk too, and the words that came to me were: “Love is all there is”.

How is this related to my business? In thinking about what to write, and how to further explain the amazing results I have seen, I landed on “energy”. Many spiritual teachers state that “energy” is all there is. And this energy is “LOVE”. Forgive me for being so philosophical, but in reality, I am just stating facts.

My own experience with seeking (medical) assistance is potent. If I encounter a person in a Doctor’s office – even the front desk person – who is cold and indifferent, I might as well walk out the door again, because it tells me that the Doctor has little empathy.

I love what I am doing with the Microcurrent Acupuncture Pain Treatment, combined with my many years of experience in P.T. I love being instrumental in assisting fellow travelers in becoming free (or at the very least free-er) from pain and reaching higher levels of function.

I believe that this happens – not only through the physical acts of treatment but also due to the “energy” exchanged, allowing improved energy flow into my client’s body.

When someone calls me to talk about what I am doing and what they need help with – a light is lit in me, and I can’t wait to work on the person. I see (through my inner eye) the possible transformation and rejoice to be part of it.

Anita Ricka is a licensed physical therapist and was excited to add the Microcurrent modality to her services. Results have been astounding and her clinic is open again. For more info, call 505-715-8386,

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