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GOT PAIN? No Need!

(This article appeared in Truly Alive November/December 2020)

by Anita Ricka, P.T.

The Christmas Season is approaching, and with it — well, who knows? In this time of Covid, will families be able to travel and get together as before? Will we feel safe?

The safety of my clinic is complete: You will be the only one in a large room. All linen is (of course!!!) washed between each client, and all surfaces are cleaned with a disinfectant. Additionally, I will be diffusing the Essential Oil “Thieves” throughout our time together and afterwards. (“Thieves” is an Essential Oil blend that is known to kill airborne viruses and bacteria) We will both be wearing a mask throughout. It is a private dwelling, and the clinic is only used for sessions.

So why the headline? Because, seriously, there is no need to continue with pain. I know how difficult it can be to pull oneself together to “do something” about it. It is sometimes a struggle to find the “right time”. That is why I offer sessions on your time. If you need the weekend or late afternoon, I can accommodate that. And now with Christmas approaching, why not take some time out to care for yourself?

My mission is to help you live a pain free life, with increased function. That is (after all) what Physical Therapists do well. And! I have found that with the help of the Microcurrent Point Stimulation, the “effort” of reaching increased function is significantly diminished.

The numbers speak for themselves. The following are numbers self-reported by clients before and after ONE session with MPS:

Anita Ricka has been a licensed physical therapist for 38 years and was excited to add the Microcurrent modality to her services. Results have been astounding. For more info, call 505-715-8386,

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