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Groundbreaking Pain Relief: Chronic/Acute

(This article appeared in Truly Alive March/April 2020)

by Anita Ricka, P.T.

Do you have a body in pain? Are you experiencing decreased function? Want a natural solution to get back to life?

The Microcurrent Pain Treatment works amazingly well to diminish chronic, acute and post-trauma pain, scars, post-concussion symptoms and more. Combining Hands-On Physical Therapy with MPS provides powerful pain relief, relaxes your muscles, calms your nervous system, releases endorphins and more.

In this time of growing awareness of the dangers of chemical pain killers, this affordable, combination treatment (only $63/session!) offers a highly effective, natural answer. It’s non-addictive and you’ll be surprised at the results. Based on DC microcurrent applied with an instrument called the Dolphin, administered by a professional trained in this method, professionals like myself now have a cutting-edge tool to help their patients exponentially.

The Microcurrent Pain Treatment method is like comparing hybrid/electrical cars to old-fashioned cars! Patients benefit from this quantum leap in technology with unprecedented relief.

There are numerous clinical studies showing the effectiveness of this non-chemical, long lasting treatment! Call for more information, join us at an upcoming event and enjoy a mini treatment (see community events): 505-715-8386,

"I became disabled 10 years ago and had gone from doctor to doctor, MRIs and physical therapy but no relief. Three treatments with the Dolphin identified the cause of the problem and has given me so much relief from pain and the anxiety of not being able to work full time and support myself. After 10-years of disability, MPS and Dolphin Neurostim treated the cause of the problem. I’m very grateful! P.D."

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