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Miracle Pain Relief: Can’t Wait to Use it!

(This article appeared in Truly Alive May/June 2020 at the height of Covid lock down)

by Anita Ricka

When you have something as powerful as this (Microcurrent Acupuncture Pain Treatment combined with Physical Therapy) and you suddenly find yourself unable to work with this gift, it is tough! I am sitting here in my living room, writing this article for the Truly Alive online edition because –with social distancing, a printed copy is just not feasible right now.

So, when this social distancing is lifted, I will be ready to go on – on my quest to relieve and remove pain, improve function and simply – make the world a happier place, one pain-free person at a time!

In the short time since I took the steps to appear in Truly Alive, I have successfully alleviated chronic pain: One client came to me with 20 years of pain, another who suffered for 1 year prior to treatment with me.

The pain-relieving effect that To the Point Physical Therapy has to offer lies in the combination of application of the MPS (Microcurrent Point Stimulation) and adjustment/correction of old dysfunctional patterns of movement plus massage and stretching to lengthen shortened structures. Also, good, old fashioned ergonomics. An extra bonus is the deep stress relief provided by the MPS balancing of the autonomic nervous system, allowing the parasympathetic nervous system (which promotes calm/peace) to take over.

The efficacy of the treatments offered is multiplied exponentially due to the effect of Direct Current. Direct Current Heals, whereas Alternating Current Masks. A modality that is widely used in today’s Clinics and elsewhere is TENS: Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation. It is administered to lower pain, which it does as it confuses the brain, and blocks the nerve signals from reaching the brain. But it does only that because TENS is delivered through AC (alternating current).

Additionally, Microcurrent enhances 4 variables Critical to Healing:

1. ATP (adenosine triphosphate)

2. Muscle contraction and Nerve transmission

3. Protein Synthesis

4. Cellular Membrane Transport.

To learn more, come to one of my community events, once we are free to move about again and hear more detail about this amazing modality. In the meantime, stay Happy and Healthy!!!

Anita Ricka has been a licensed physical therapist for many years and was excited to add the Microcurrent modality to her services. Results have been astounding and will continue as soon as she is able to see patients again. For more info, call 505-715-8386, or email

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