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Pain Relief & Improved Function

(This article appeared in Truly Alive in the July/August 2020 edition)

by Anita Ricka

With my 28 years of experience as a Physical Therapist plus the added gift of the Microcurrent Pain Treatment, I feel exhilarated by the results I’ve been getting! I am thrilled to share this amazing treatment duo with people who are dealing with pain.

Pain – of any intensity – ranges from a truly annoying issue to a life changing burden. I have found that some pain syndromes – although longstanding – can be changed with the dual influence of traditional Physical Therapy AND the treatment modality MPS. Traditional Physical Therapy includes massage to overloaded muscles, stretching of shortened muscles, strengthening of weakened muscles, and ergonomic advice – (for instance, adjusting postures that perpetuate the problems). Microcurrent Acupuncture Pain Treatment works on many levels, the greatest of which is the release of tension/stress and the balancing of the autonomic nervous system (ANS)…thus, allowing healing to occur.

The ANS consists of the Parasympathetic (Relaxed state) and the Sympathetic (Tense state). In our western world with our focus on accomplishments, money, and work, we are often in a state of Sympathetic hyperactivity. Now, with the COVID-19 fears and stress levels, our Sympathetic hyperactivity state is ramped up more than ever.

Also, any injury to our physical apparatus can be perpetuated by the strong influence of the chemicals that are released during Sympathetic hyperactivity, including surgeries and scars. Part of the MPS protocol includes release of scars as the very first thing to address. (Please refer to pictures in the March/April article). If you have scars, this treatment can be amazing…from the very first session!

Several months into the Covid-19 pandemic and re-opening of our society, I am enthusiastic about helping my clients live a pain free life (or at least a life of significantly reduced pain).

Doing so now demands a few extra steps to keep everyone safe! We are O.K. to get back into Physical Therapy sessions and this is what I ask my clients to do: Wash hands as the first thing when you arrive at my clinic. Wear a mask, and I wear one too (which is removed when you are face down so you can breathe). Then—we’re ready to roll.

If you have pain, chronic or acute, come for a treatment now – before the word spreads so much that I have difficulty fitting clients into my schedule. This combo is getting results this effective! Hope to see you soon! I’m ready!!

Anita Ricka has been a licensed physical therapist for many years and was excited to add the Microcurrent modality to her services. Results have been astounding and will continue now that her clinic is open again. For more info, call 505-715-8386, or email

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